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John Palombo - April 23, 2017

Failure And God's Mercy

Heart Of Mercy

When we fail, it’s human nature to want to revert to our old ways or to go back to our comfort zones. We’ve all done something that we’ve regretted, we’ve said we would do something and have done the opposite. We’ve let someone down at one point or another. We’ve felt like we’ve let God down. We’re all human, we’re all sinners, we all stumble, and we all fall. The good news is that when we do fail, God is a merciful God. When we fail and fall short; God’s mercy is there not only to forgive us but to use our failures and shortcomings for good in the future. Accepting Christ doesn’t mean that life is going to be perfect. There will be stones along the way that can cause us to trip or block our path. The question though, is whether we let those stones be used as stepping stones to advance from, or if we let them be our tombstones where we remain. When you stumble, and fall, and fall; that is where you need to look to God’s mercy.

Scripture References: John 1:35-42, Luke 22:31-34, Matthew 16:13-22, Luke 5:1-11

From Series: "Heart Of Mercy"

Mercy is God’s most important attribute. It is because of God’s mercy that we can have forgiveness, overcome failures, find faith, help friends, enjoy family, and grow closer to the Lord. Mercy even helps you deal with difficult people, discouraging problems, and those draining pressures that come into your life. God’s mercy is never-ending, renewing each day, and He is faithful to bless us with it. The only question is, “Are you willing to live in the mercies of God?”

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