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Ray Parascando - October 21, 2018

Battle Of Negative Thoughts

There’s a lot of activity that goes on in our brains, and a number of things that affect how we think, some of them are in our control some are not, but one thing is true there is an invisible battle going on in our minds everyday. this battle is so influential and so important that it impacts every area of your life because what impacts your mind ultimately impacts you. When it comes to church there is an unfortunate misconception that we need to disconnect the mind from the discussion. that it’s all about feeling, about emotion, and want to divorce the mind from our approach and our focus of God. but God doesn’t ell us to do that anywhere. in fact, God wants us to explore the mind. it’s vital to who are you are as a person. For some sad reason, in some churches people who have mental struggles are thrown under the bus. You can take medicine for anything in your life. A bad back, high blood pressure, or anything else you can take medicine for that no problem. But if you have any type of mental struggles and you see a psychologist or a therapist, or you take prescribed medicine for it then you’re a lousy Christian and “you don’t have enough faith” That is a myth that needs to be debunked. If you or someone you know suffers with any type of mental struggle that’s beyond your control, you need to know that God loves you. And that this invisible battle is not yours to have alone. There are going to be people in our midst that have conditions that are well beyond their control. Perhaps it’s something from birth, or a traumatic experience that has taken place. This between the ears battle is very sensitive, very significant, and many times our minds because of things we can go through may be broken and prohibit us from connecting with God the way we need to. We want to take notice of this battle. There are also those of us who go through pressures and struggles in life because of work, family situations, and other events. All together these battles take place on the inside. And because we don’t see them they’re hard to fight. If there was a person who was bullying you at least you know who your battle is against, A lot of times when you’re going through these mental struggles, it’s hard to know where to direct the fight, or if there’s resources available for these between the ears battles. There are invisible thought battles going on in our minds daily, but by God’s grace, you can pursue the weaponry to fight these battles.

Scripture References: Mark 4:35-41

From Series: "Between The Ears"

There is an invisible battle going on in your mind every second of every day. A battle so intense and influential upon your life since what impacts your mind ultimately impacts you. It is from the mind that we have thoughts, form opinions, make choices, strive for goals, process problems, fight temptations, and connect with God. This makes the real estate between your ears vital to the rest of your body and existence. While some things are out of your control like medical circumstances such as mental illness and traumatic experience; the invitation to pursue the tools to fight the battle in the mind is within your reach. By looking at what’s needed for victory in the battle between your ears; by God’s grace you’ll find and experience renewal in your mind.

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