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Ray Parascando - April 20, 2019

Battle For Redemption

Good Friday is a day like no other day because it’s bittersweet. We celebrate the truth of the cross that we are set free from sin, but it is bitter because of the suffering of Christ. Think of Good Friday in terms of a battle. it was the battle of all battles. A battle of redemption. One of the greatest battles that you will face in life is your own redemption. All of us are sinners no matter how religious, or how many years we’ve been in church; but the battle of redemption belongs to God.

Scripture References: John 19:16-40

From Series: "Battle Plan"

Life is filled with battles, but God never intended you to fight alone. In fact, God reminds us numerous times that the battle is on Him to win. One of those verses is 2 Chronicles 20:15 which says; “Do not be afraid or discouraged….for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” The reason for this counsel is that many of the battles we face can be categorized as spiritual warfare, where the forces of evil are trying to disrupt, distract, and discourage you away from God and your purpose. Like any successful war strategy, you need the right battle plan. Battle Plan looks at the reality of spiritual warfare and the battle plans that God wants you to utilize so that you may be victorious.

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