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Ray Parascando - September 8, 2019

Principles Of Sowing And Reaping

When thinking about sowing and reaping, all the thoughts go to the harvest, but in order to have a good harvest you have to sow right Farmers look to the harvest in the fall, but all of the hard work was done in the spring. All of the efforts and all of the cultivating that was done Spring into Summer is going to hopefully produce a bountiful flourishing harvest. Spiritually, relationally, financially, mentally, and emotionally everything you do in life is also governed by this principle. In fact, when you look to God's Word repeatedly we see this life principle of sowing and reaping. It's unmistakable. You can't miss it. Everything that we do in our life is governed by the principle of what we sow is what we reap. It's vital in our heart and our mind that we understand this principle and we live by it Everything that you hope to become tomorrow depends on the choices you are making today; that's sowing and that's reaping. If we want to reap blessings in our lives, if we want to reap more peace in our lives, more confidence, more hope; we must be sowing the seeds that God has called us to sow.

Scripture References: Matthew 13:1-9, Matthew 13:23

From Series: "Sowing And Reaping"

Sowing and reaping is a law of life. Everything you have and hope to become is tied to how you sow. sow seeds of obedience and righteousness is a must in order to reap a harvest of blessing. Focusing on humility and faith by sowing obedience and righteousness will yield the blessings you need to fulfill God’s will and plan for your life. In Sowing And Reaping, we’ll unpack the principles for sowing and reaping as well as learn practical lessons on how to cultivate a harvest of blessing in your life.

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