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Ray Parascando - December 1, 2019

God Is Listening

What is there to be hopeful for? What can we look to for hope if we find ourselves falling into hopelessness? It starts with this; God is listening. God hears everything, he knows our thoughts before we think them. One thing that we know God truly hears, and what God truly listens to is our faithfulness. Living a life of faithfulness reverberates in heaven and gets God's attention. We all make mistakes and have times of failure that’s true, but thankfully we serve a gracious God. As we come to Christ, we're washed in the forgiveness of Almighty God. Then, as we're growing in the Scriptures, and the Holy Spirit is helping in the sanctifying process of our lives; we will see more and more that the focus of our life needs to be faithfulness before God. Two great examples of God’s listening to those who are faithful are found in the Christmas story in the lives of Zechariah and Elizabeth, who would become the parents to John the Baptist. Find hope in the message of Christmas by remembering that God is listening.

Scripture References: Luke 1:5-17

From Series: "Message Of Christmas"

You can survive forty days without food, three days without water, and three minutes without air; but you can’t last a single second without hope! It’s a necessary part of your life. When your hope is gone, your life is over. Thankfully the message of Christmas provides an unmistakeable hope that was conveyed in a series of angelic visitations by Gabriel. ‘Tis the season for the most meaningful message on record to take center stage. The birth of Jesus Christ was the most anticipated event in history and is still celebrated around the world today. When Christmas comes, you would be hard-pressed to miss it. Every other holiday gets one day, but not Christmas. Christmas is a holiday celebrated with an entire season. It is a holiday worthy of such a special season because of its message. The angel Gabriel delivered several messages of good news that were all filled with the very thing every human being on this planet needs; which is hope. By thoroughly investigating these divine messages delivered by the angel Gabriel, come and see how you can apply this hope to your life today!

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