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Ray Parascando - April 19, 2020

Conscience Principle

It’s so important that our conscience, a combination of our mental psyche and moral awareness, is right with God. It’s vital that it’s clean, because with the Conscience Principle; a clean conscience leads to a clear communication with God. From toilet paper, to hand sanitizer, to baking yeast & spiral ham, and hair clippers & hair dye we continue to have new items that are top sellers during our current crisis. We’ve also seen Bible sales spike over a hundred and forty-three percent as people want to know and seek the things of God in this time of great difficulty. What we also want to be sure is a “top seller” in our lives during this quarantine is prayer. As we seek God, it is crucial to seek Him with a clean and clear conscience.

Scripture References: Matthew 6:5-6

From Series: "The Lord's Prayer"

When you think about the times that we’re in right now prayer is essential to all of us. Whether facing this crisis alone or with family; whether out of work, working, or working at home; doing school online, or have no school at all; prayer is vital to our life. It is like breathing. We don’t just breathe at certain times of the day, we breathe throughout the day. Prayer isn’t limited to Sunday, or during specific meetings at church, or in a jam; prayer is something that we need to be doing regularly. When it comes to prayer there’s basically two schools of thought. There are those that say God is sovereign, so it doesn’t matter if you pray since God is going to do what He wants to do anyway. Then there are others who say that when we pray and we beseech God and God’s going to move and do it. In the Scripture you have evidence of God being sovereign, but you also see prayers where God’s heart is moved, and change happens. In the end, it’s not for us to try and pick a side. The focus needs to be on obedience and doing it the way that God has told us to do it, and the Lord’s prayer shows us exactly how to.

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