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Be Our Guest

Sundays 9AM | 11AM | 6PM

Crossroads Church is located at the Landmarked Lane Theater at 168 New Dorp Lane in Staten Island, NY. 168 is between Eighth & Ninth Streets


Inside The Lane, we have a moderately sized Lobby, 350-seat main Sanctuary, and five classrooms for our Crossroads Kidz Children’s Ministry

Is there Parking?

While we do not have a parking lot, there is plenty of street parking available. On Sundays, and after 5:00 pm each day, the parking meters are not in effect, so you’ll be able to park anywhere there is a spot.

Right in front of the church is a no parking zone, making it easier for Access-A-Ride & Taxi dropoffs, and dropping off those who are with you, before you find a parking space.

What can I expect when I come?

A casual atmosphere where you’re welcome to sit back and enjoy the service. We believe God is a God of order, and we apply that to our services. When it comes to a relationship with God is it important to be who you are, not who you think other people want you to be! If you want to wear a suit, wear a suit.  Want to wear jeans? Wear jeans. Dress Business Casual? Then dress Business Casual.


As you enter one of our Greeters or Ushers will offer you our weekly programs.  Inside will be a look at what’s going on at Crossroads, as well as the Teaching Outline for you to take notes with and follow along during the message.

Musical Worship

Our Service starts with our Worship Team leading us in songs of praise to God.

Why do we sing Worship Songs?  | We sing them because this musical worship is where we give to God with our voices by singing songs of praise to Him. This is also an opportunity to focus on our worship to God after a week’s worth of distractions that pull our focus away.

Don’t know the words? No worries. the lyrics will be displayed on our Video Screens for you to sing and follow along with.

What kind of songs do we sing? | Our Worship Team plays a variety of styles of music from Contemporary Christian (such as songs by artists such as Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Kari Jobe) There are also arrangements to classic Christian Hymns.  The team generally features vocalists, guitar, keyboard, and drums.

How loud is it during worship? | In the sanctuary, it is around 85 -95 decibels.  Your hearing is important to us, this decibel range can be safely listened to by an adult for over 90 minutes at a time for around eight hours every day. Our worship portion of service lasts twenty to thirty minutes with brief pauses between songs; so your ears are well protected.


After Worship we have our announcements, letting you know about the current events at the church.


Following the message, the Worship team returns to lead us in a final song of dedication. More than just “exit music” these closing songs give us one more opportunity to worship God and to reflect on the truths from God’s Word that were heard during the message

The Message

After our Musical Worship, we move into the teaching portion of the Service (Some call this “The Message,” others “The Sermon”  either way it’s the same)


Who Teaches during the Service? | Pastor Ray, our Founding and Lead Pastor, teaches on most Sundays. We also have Guest Pastors who are friends of Crossroads, and other men of Crossroads who will teach on a Sunday.

No matter who is teaching, whether Pastor Ray or someone else, they are a man of God in good standing, whom the church has full faith in bringing an impactful and Biblically accurate message. Our atmosphere is casual, but our faith is serious.  We take every measure we can to ensure that the Word of God is taught soundly, and accurately, each and every Sunday. 

What Is Being Taught?

Each message is part of a Teaching Series, which is anywhere from three or more individual messages that all tie together to one main theme.  The main theme can be a particular book in the Bible or a particular topic.

Do I have to come to every message in a series to understand it? What if I miss a week? | We encourage you to come to church each Sunday, but if you miss a message one week, you won’t be lost the next week.  Each message stands by itself, so whether you catch one message, or all of them, you’ll be able to understand what is being taught.


Do I Need A Bible? | If you have one, bring it with you, it is important to not only read God’s Word but study it as well.  You’ll find things that you will want to write down in your Bible next to the passage we’re studying during the message.

If you don’t have a Bible, let us know before or after service, we’d be grateful to put one in your hands

The Bible verses that are being taught on are also in the Message Notes that are inside of your program, and they will be displayed on our Video Screens so you can read along with us.

Have A Smartphone? Then you have a Bible right at your fingertips as well.  There are several apps that have the Bible, including ours. Check out the Crossroads App

At the entrance to the Sanctuary, you’ll find the table for Tithes and Offerings.

Remember: The Service Is Our Gift To You, as our guest, you are under no obligation to give unless you want to make an offering to God.


You will also find Connection Cards & Prayer Cards seatback pocket in front of you. This is how we find about you, your needs, your commitments, what you’d like to know about, what you’d like to get involved with, and your prayer requests.

If you join us for a service, we’d love for you to fill one out and drop it in the basket as we collect the offering from the rest of the congregation


In fact, we’d love to hear from you so much, that we want to give you the chance to fill out a connection card right now and let us know that you were here online

Fill Out An Online Connection Card


After the service, you are more than welcome to join us in the lobby for refreshments. Our refreshment team brings various treats to eat and brews fresh coffee & tea.

This is your chance to talk and get to know people of Crossroads.  A Christian is not meant to be alone, and this is a great way to start new friendships with those you meet.