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Get Involved In Our Newcomers Events

If you’ve been coming to Crossroads for a while, just for a Sunday or two, or are just considering whether or not to come to Crossroads, these events are created for you. Our Newcomers Brunch & Coffee are great ways to get general information about the church as well as have your questions answered.  Class 100 goes deeper into what Crossroads is about, as well as what a church, and a church member look like according to the Bible.  We encourage you to come to these events as soon as you can, and we will see you there!  As always, you can e-mail us along the way with any questions you may have at: Newcomers@nullcrossroadsny.org



Meet The Church

God has a plan, purpose, and a path for your life; which includes being part of a local church. Meet The Church, our newcomer’s gathering, is an opportunity for you to meet Crossroads Church, and our leaders. As we have a meal together, you’ll also hear our plan to help guide you along God’s pathway for your life so that you may be equipped to fulfill your purpose.

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Class 100 – Stepping Into Membership

Class 100 is an introduction into Membership at Crossroads. This includes an overview of Baptism and Communion. The Class will also provide information concerning the church’s structure, core values, and culture.


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