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The Unveiling Of Jesus Christ Small Group

Without question, the Book of Revelation serves as God’s final superintended written communication to man. Revelation provides more than just a sneak peek into the future events of spiritual matters. With great precision and perfection, God outlines His plan of redemption and the victorious reign of His Son Jesus Christ. Our purpose will be to unpack the context and codes contained in this Great Book.

Part 1: The Seven Churches

The most messianic, mysterious, and meaningful Book in all the Bible is Revelation. However, believers and unbelievers have misunderstood this excellent writing from God for centuries. Thus, we will attempt to provide a clear understanding of Revelation’s context, purpose, and application through a series of small group lessons known as “The Unveiling of Jesus.” Part One will focus its attention on the Book’s introduction and the Seven Churches of Asia Minor to whom Jesus sent the letter of “Revelation” along with a personal message through the Apostle John.

Part 2: Chart Of Events In Revelation