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God has designed the human body to be healthy, self-healing, and self-regulating; yet our bodies can get bogged down, run down, and clogged up. While there are many quick fix claims out there where you can take a pill, drink a shake, order special meals, or anything else; at the end of the day the quicker the fix, the quicker the fix fails.

God’s desire for your life is that you would have a lasting and legitimate change, and that you would be the healthiest version of who God created you to be. More than being in a cycle of taking quick fix after quick fix, God has a plan for your physical and spiritual health that you can adopt as a lifestyle to renew your health.

It’s not too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle and allow God’s healing and regeneration process to renew your health so that you can fulfill the purpose and plan that God has for your life from His Kingdom work for you, your job, your family, and your overall well-being.

With over 50 years of experience in health and nutrition, Dr. Fred Bisci shares his knowledge of how you can discover your body’s full potential in a healthy journey; and Pastor Ray Parascando shares from God’s Word in how you can discover God’s process of renewal for your body in this Small Group Series, Health Renewal.



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About Fred Bisci, PhD

Fred Bisci, PhD has had a pioneering and still active practice in New York City for over fifty years. He has worked with over 35,000 people all over the world with numerous health issues by helping them change their eating, drinking and living lifestyles through his real, clean, fresh food approach.

He looks at biochemical and physiological relationships rather than a simple dietary or nutritional standpoint. Fred has developed the Your Healthy Journey Lifestyle Program as a holistic effort toward the body’s natural detoxification. His program empowers you to set healthier personal parameters through eating and drinking various combinations of plant-based foods as you commit to Your Healthy Journey. Fred’s Journey is built from his own personal journey of a 100% raw food lifestyle for over fifty years, revealing an intimate relationship of real, fresh, organic food and the body’s incredible ability to always seek health.

Born in 1929 on Staten Island, Fred grew up only eating real food – including his mom’s authentic, fresh raw and cooked preparations. As a young man, Fred completed eighteen marathons, two ultra-marathons, and was a boxer and Olympic style weight lifter. He has remained active throughout his life, successfully working with amateur and professional weight lifters, boxers, basketball players, marathon runners, triathletes, wrestlers and actors.

Fred won the famed Nova Award for best television health series by hosting “Eat Your Way to Health.” He has nationally and internationally spoken on “How to Lead a Healthy Life” at universities, professional organizations, and business groups.

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Session 1: What is a Cleanse?

You may have heard of a cleanse. There’s all sorts of advertisements out there with get-rich-quick schemes for our health saying to take pills or potions. Motivations can be to fit in a dress for a wedding, or a suit for a business venture. There’s a lot of thought and discussion as to what a cleanse is.

Spiritually there is a time to cleanse your soul as well. Our hearts can become toxic with unhealthy focuses and a spiritual cleanse allows you to flush them out and focus on the right things in your life. With the help Dr. Fred Bisci and Pastor Ray Parascando, session one answers the question; What is a cleanse?


Session 2: Why Is Fasting Important?

When it comes to fasting, that can be thought of as something between Ash Wednesday & Easter where you gave up a piece of chocolate, a cartoon, or something like that. God has a much greater purpose in mind for fasting both medically & spiritually speaking. Along with the immense medical benefits to fasting; there are many spiritual benefits to fasting as well.  The Bible is filled with times where people fasted to set their focus on God’s presence, for covering and leading, for healing from grief, remaining faithful not to sin, and on making the right decisions to name a few. Joined by Dr. Fred Bisci and Pastor Ray Parascando, session two enables you to know the importance of fasting and how to fast effectively.




Session 3: How Does God Use My Rest and Sleep?

All of us wish we could steal a few extra hours a day to wind down and do nothing, or to add a few hours to our sleep schedule. Sleep and rest are very important in God’s overall health economy for our lives. From being essential to our overall health, helping with weight control, improving mood, sharpening the mind, strengthening temperament; God’s has tied rest to the overall process of healing. Along with Dr. Fred Bisci, Pastor Ray Parascando takes session three to give you the knowledge of how God uses your rest and sleep.



Session 4: What are the Effects of Processed Foods?

Processed food have become a topic of interest in the past few years when it comes to our health.  Highly processed cooked foods can be found in pasteurized orange juice, packaged cereals, sugar, commercial breads, baked goods, sandwiches, french fries, ice cream, sodas, pasta, canned sauces, piece, pastries, and many others.  The more a food is processed, the more it is something that you can’t see or find in nature, and looks less like something you could grow in your garden.

Along the lines of processed foods in health, there are also processed spiritual foods that you can find being offered today as well.  Just as processed foods affect your physical health, the processed spiritual foods of false & misguided teaching that is out there can have a detrimental  effect on your spiritual health. In Session four, Dr. Fred Bisci, and Pastor Ray Parascando take a look at processed foods, processed spiritual foods, their effects on your body & soul; as well as how to avoid both in your life.


Session 5: Getting control of your tastebuds

Your tongue plays a critical role any your walk with God as well as your overall nutrition. When it comes to food fats, salts, and sugars in processed foods can alter our tastebuds getting us to the point where our tastebuds start to dictate our appetite in what we crave and choose to eat. Spiritually pride, self-seeking teachings, and false teachings can alter our spiritual tastebuds where we can start to crave and seek out beliefs, methods, and teachings that may taste good but mislead us into a place where our spiritual health can be destroyed. The good news is that in both our physical and spiritual health, our tastebuds can be reset from the unhealthy foods that cause us to crave what is wrong; to gaining a new taste for what is healthy for us.  Dr. Fred Bisci & Pastor Ray Parascando take session five to show you how to get control of your tastebuds.



Session 6: Explaining God’s Healing and Regeneration Process

God has a plan to bring healing and regeneration to your life by way of how you take care of our bodies.  God has chosen to partner with us in taking care of our own bodies. By God’s creation, the human body was designed to heal, but because of what we choose to put into our bodies there is something that inhibits this healing process. Spiritually we also were designed by God to be healed and regenerated from the inside out. In session six, Dr. Fred Bisci & Pastor Ray Parascando show that by taking a physical and spiritually health renewal, you can allow God’s healing and regeneration process to renew you; mind, body, and soul.








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