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Social Media

Social Media is a place for our online community designed to let you connect with Crossroads, and the people of Crossroads.

Enhance what you learned on Sunday through shareable videos, graphics, quotes, and more that help you be equipped to be who God wants you to be.  Not only can you dive deeper into the Sunday messages through these, but we encourage you to share them with others on your social networks.

Hear about ministries, gatherings, and other events where you can come learn, grow, and be with other people.

Connect with the people of Crossroads as we tell their stories of the incredible things that God has done in their lives as followers of Jesus.





Along with this website, we also have our videos available on YouTube and Vimeo.  More than just hosting the videos for us, we know that you maybe be on YouTube or Vimeo already, and it is easy to add Crossroads Church into what you already have and use.

These video places also have their own social networks where you like other networks you can enhance, hear, and connect.

Enhance what you learned on Sunday by watching the full message, or certain short clips from the messages that we post.   It’s been shown that we forget 90% of what we learn within 72 hours of learning it.  While you may not want to remember the latest cat video you just watched on YouTube for all eternity, each Sunday is designed to equip you with the tools you need for life, and watching the videos online during the week gives you another chance to remember what tools were discussed on a Sunday.


Hear the message once, twice, or as many times as you like.   You can also fast forward or rewind as needed to let you really dive deeper into what you’re hearing.  And virtually all of our messages from 2008 are online, so you can find a message that suits what you are going through in your life right now to find what God’s Word has to say about it.


Connect with us, and with your own social circles by not only watching, but commenting on the videos too.  We’d love to hear any questions or comments that you have based on what you’re watching.   Our team and our community would love to help you learn and grow further with your relationship with Jesus Christ.  You can also share our videos with your social circles to give them the same opportunity to learn and grow alongside yourself.



On Mobile

If you have a smartphone, you’re among sixty-four percent of Americans that have one.   Have a tablet? You’re among fifty percent of Americans as well.  As we all know they are more than phones, but great computers we can bring with us.  With our App you can enhance, hear, and connect yourself to Crossroads Church.

Enhance the Sunday message by watching or listening to it right from your phone, tablet, or device.  Enhance your Bible study by having a Bible in your pocket (both text and audio), as well as a built in one-year Bible reading plan to get you started.

Connect with Crossroads and our events and ministries by having an up to date calendar at your fingertips, as well as ways to get involved in the Crossroads community.  Connect your calendar by adding our events to it. Connect others by sharing messages, information, and events as well.

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