Washed In God’s Mercy | June 4, 2017

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God has a heart of mercy. The greatest display of His mercy is the cross. For those who place their faith in Jesus Christ, the greatest result and power of His mercy is that they’ve been washed clean of their sins. Not only have they been guaranteed a home in heaven, but they have been set free from sin. This mercy from sin is available to all who place their faith in Christ.

Even after accepting Jesus as Lord, and Savior, you can find yourself wondering and asking “Do I still have the sink of my sin?” or “Do I still have the stench of my rotten decisions?” You can find yourself not sure where you stand. Mercy explains exactly where you stand.  Instead of finding ways to cover up the stink and stench of sin, we have mercy.  For all of our sins, we can be washed in God’s mercy.

Heart Of Mercy