Showing Mercy To My Family | May 14, 2017

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One of the toughest places to show mercy is in your own home with your family. Have you ever noticed that you can be completely patient with people you don’t know, yet totally impatient with people under your own roof? You can interrupt family when they’re telling a story and not getting it right.  You’ll cut them off to correct them; but you’d never do that to a stranger. Have you ever noticed how quick you can be to forgive someone you don’t know, but your own family you’ll hold a grudge for years? Even on the way to church, as you’re driving to church and there’s a knock out, dragged out verbal fight in the car; but as soon as you get into the church someone says hello and you respond with a cheery greeting minutes after what went on in the car. You’re not alone in this battle, which is why to have a heart of mercy you should be a person known for showing mercy to your family.

Heart Of Mercy