Receiving The Father’s Mercy | June 18, 2017

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The heart of God being merciful is well chronicled throughout Scripture, whether it is indirectly referenced through an outcome to God’s reaction and response to a sinner or someone who has lost their way, or how God has extended His compassion to someone who is suffering and in need of refuge. The Father and mercy can be seen throughout the Scripture.

The whole reason why we have this term of endearment for God, Father, is because Jesus taught us to call Him Father.  In The Lord’s Prayer Jesus instructs us to pray “Our Father.” We’re not taught to call Him “the man upstairs” or “the big guy” or just to say God, as people have manipulated that.  There’s one Father and there’s no one like Him. He’s incomparable.  He’s Our Father.

As you study the Scriptures we have this great understanding to reach out to Him and call Him Father, and then we have  other attributes and characteristics of God that help us in our prayer life, and our confidence in God.  The central characteristic of all of God The Father’s characteristics is mercy.  God is the Father of mercies.  If you’ve professed your faith in Christ He’s your Father, and it is this relationship of child and Father that is central, and in the midst of that is looking to the Father to Receive The Father’s Mercy.

Heart Of Mercy