New Mercies Every Morning | April 30, 2017

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In the Bible, reminders of God’s mercies renewing daily are nestled right in the middle of a very hard season for God’s people. If you find yourself as one of God’s people, and you are experiencing great difficulties, turmoil, hardships, unexplainable things, things that you would think God’s people shouldn’t have to endure, then you find yourself within the context of the book of Lamentations.

Before you can truly see the greatness of God’s mercies despite our sin, an understanding of how serious sin is to God is needed.  Looking at Israel in the Old Testament and using that as a parallel to your own life, you will find yourself sensing the heaviness of you own sin,  being in awe before the holiness of God, who created us; and you can live in hope because of Jesus Christ, who went to the cross to take God’s wrath in your place. That is why we can say to God great is thy faithfulness, because God grants us new mercies every morning.

Heart Of Mercy