Mercy Of The Cross | April 14, 2017 Good Friday

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Before we celebrate the empty tomb of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday, we must remember with reverence and respect, so great a salvation that has been afforded to us by the Lord Jesus Christ because of His sacrificial death on the cross.

All of the grace that has been afforded to us, the unconditional love that we sing about, the peace that has been made with God, the faith that we hold to be true in our hearts, the hope we have in eternal life, the trust in God’s sovereignty, the knowledge of His compassion and of His kindness; is all undergirded by the chief quality and attribute of Almighty God. It’s the quality that is the opposite of what some may say God is. God isn’t some mean cosmic cop in the sky looking to get even with you. The truth is that God is merciful. It is God’s chief quality, and the greatest display of God’s mercy is the cross.

The message of the cross isn’t one of religious instruction, or holy observance for self-edification. The message of the cross is one of mercy. That the mercy of Christ came running down for all to experience and drink from. That this mercy can reach the person who’s the furthest from the cross, or the person who thinks they are the closest. This mercy levels the ground at the foot of the cross. This message of mercy says that all are welcome. It sobers up the greatest of sinners, and humbles the biggest of hypocrites, and pierces the thickest of skulls and hearts like ours. The context of Good Friday prepares us for this moment This moment of the Mercy Of The Cross.

Heart Of Mercy