Freedom In God’s Mercy | June 11, 2017

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Freedom is such an important characteristic of who we are, and who we are as a country. Today in New Dorp we were reminded of the sacrifices that have been made to preserve this freedom that we have in the United States with a memorial run that was held in honor of Staff Sergeant Michael Ollis.  While serving his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Staff Sergeant Ellis died will protecting a Polish soldier from a suicide bomber.  Running into danger, Ollis covered and shielded the soldier from sudden death.  Ollis’ heroic actions are what American freedom is build on.

Here in the United States, it is a time for all of us to reflect on how blessed we are to live in this country, and the gift we have to live in freedom. Just as many soldiers like Staff Sergeant Michael Ollis have served and sacrificed so that we may have national freedom, there is One who sacrificed Himself to set us free spiritually. His name is Jesus. Through God’s free gift of salvation that you need to accept, God demonstrated His mercy, setting you free from your past, your sin, chains that hold you down, and from death. This is all through Jesus’ merciful sacrificial death on the cross. For whatever is holding you captive, because of Jesus, there is freedom in God’s mercy.

Heart Of Mercy