Blessed Are The Respectable | October 8, 2017

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The Bible talks a lot about respect as it relates to your relationship with God, and your relationships with others. God has called for you to be a person of respect, and you serve God by being a respectable person. If you want to gauge your spiritual maturity look at how you treat people Some people can say the Bible out of one side of their mouth, yet curse people out of the other side. People can praise God with their hands on Sunday, but give other gestures while driving.

You can be an incredible servant of God with your abilities, but if your attitude stinks you’re going to negate it all. You can pretend to be the best Christian in the world, but if you can’t treat people right, you’re going to dishonor God, and hurt your witness. One of the most important responsibilities you have is to have a right attitude. You’re called to reflect the attitude of Christ, and you can do that by being being respectable. By being respectable you can see that blessed are the respectable for they shall show their spiritual maturity.

Blessed Are…