Blessed Are The Knowledgeable | November 5, 2017

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There is blessing for you when you put what God says into practice. God wants to bless your life, and He wants you to be happy, even in the midst of difficulties. This blessed life comes from wanting to and needing to draw close to God.  When there are problems that come, decisions to make, experiences of hurt; you need to draw closer to God.  Even when you have great blessing in your life like good news, promotions, or finances; you need to draw closer to God.

God doesn’t want you to be a religious robot or phony who just regurgitates information from the Bible or from what you’ve heard someone say. God doesn’t want you to be someone with bizarre beliefs or behaviors. But some people act this way. This is because they are not living in the very important word, which is knowledge.

The Bible speaks on the words know and knowledge.  God wants you to be in the know.  He has given you intellect and gifted you a brain to be able to process the incredible record of who God is; which is the Bible.  The Bible is where true knowledge can be found.  In His Word, God gives you counsel, tells you of His character, informs you of His commands, makes His covenants, and tells you how He has commissioned you.  Being knowledgeable in these areas is essential to overcoming the obstacles of life.

To be able to have peace, even in the darkest of nights, God has given you a wealth of knowledge that you can find in the Bible.  Being in the know of God and His Word is essential for your life, and as you look to God’s Word you will find that Blessed Are The Knowledgeable.

Blessed Are…