God is the only true source of lasting inspiration. His desire from the very begining of time was to create each person for a life that would be filled by His divine inspiration. The Inspired Filled Life© can best be described as a person who is motivated and guided by God.

The Cross of Jesus best illustrates the symbol of God's inspirations. Each point of the cross contains an inspiration that God wills for us to have in our lives. Living these inspirations out daily will provide both balance and peace in this life. At Crossroads we have designed a series of four classes around this illustration of the cross to help you step forward in the church and in your walk with God. Below is a schedule of the classes and the purpose behind each class.  

What the Classes Mean:

Fresh Start with God Class provides you with practical tips and tools for keeping your relationship with God Fresh! In addition, this class serves as a great entry point into Crossroads.  One the best benefits of this class is that it will help you get connected with the church and other people at Crossroads.

Church Partnership Class is essentially our membership class.  Here we teach the Biblical foundation for belonging to a church. We also provide a behind the scenes look into Crossroads' beliefs, missions, core values, and vision.

Spiritual Health Class is where we teach you the necessary habits for spiritual growth.

Christian Service Class was specifically designed to help Church Partners find their place of service and contribution. Here we teach the Biblical model of Christlike ministry as well as provide a step by step process for helping you discover your spiritual gifts and talents.


The Inspired Filled Life Breakdown:

Inspiration #1 Fresh Start with God  "We were made by God for a relationship with Him, that's by Him"

Inspiration #2 Church Partnership "We were planned for Participation"

Inspiration #3 Spiritual Health "We were formed to follow Christ"

Inspiration #4 Christian Service "We were gifted for Good Works"