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The Crossroads Classes integrate you into Crossroads Church, and more importantly into your walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Each class is 90-120 minutes of teaching, as well as opportunities for your questions pertaining to the Classwork to be answered.



Class 100
Class 100 will serve as an introduction into Membership at Crossroads including an overview of Baptism and Communion. The Class will also provide information concerning the church's structure, core values, and culture.


The Next Class 100 is Wednesday October 15 from 7pm-9m.


 Class 200

Class 200 will provide an information about the tools that are necessary for Spiritual Growth. A Spiritual Health inventory and Spiritual goals setting instructions will be introduced.


The Next Class 200 is Wednesday November 5 from 7pm-9m.


 Class 300

Class 300 will help explain the various needs within the church and the opportunity that each member has in partnering to meet these needs. The Class will also explore the unique "GIFTS" that God has given to each of us for the good work of the ministry.


The Next Class 100 is Wednesday December 3 from 7pm-9m.


Class 400

Class 400 will communicate the Biblical command to reach people locally and globally for Christ. The Class will also equip attendees with relevant and effective strategies for sharing their faith.


The Next Class 100 is Wednesday December 17 from 7pm-9m.



Class 100  Class 200  Class 300  Class 400